hair lingerie was created out of an infatuation with flawless hair...

Hair Lingerie is the ultimate experience. It is worn by the top celebrities of the world because it’s the unique feeling of knowing that you will get perfect hair, masterfully created with your individuality in mind. Hair Lingerie is only available from celebrated Specialists who have an unparalleled level of education with hair extensions. They create the styles, they influence the trends, they are the experts.


"I'm obsessed with using Hair Lingerie on my clients. The quality of hair is beyond amazing. It's the one extension method I've truly see "grow in" a client's hair vs. destroy it over time as many other methods often do. You couldn't ask for a more supportive team than the Hair Lingerie Staff, Love them all!"
- sarah conner, HL Specialist | Beverly Hills, CA
"It has changed my life! Seriously it has just tripled my business and given me so much more confidence in hair extensions now. Thank you so much! I got 9 clients within a week! It's great!"
- JAMY MORRELL, HL Specialist | Reno, NV
"The class was SERIOUSLY the best class I have ever taken. I learned so much, not just about the hair but myself as well. Kiara is so amazing, she seriously blew my mind. Thank you for spending the day with me, I would gladly do it again. I really love this brand and the hair is amazing!"
- Jalysa pace, HL Specialist | beverly hills, ca
"Loved the workshop! It really helped me break down mental barriers to professional or career solutions. Thank you for having me!"
- William Clark, assistant to andy lecompte | west hollywood, ca


Our Hair Extension Specialists are the most highly trained hair-artists in the world. We feature their talent. We build their brand. We increase their influence. Utilizing a direct distribution model, we hand-pick stylists from the top salons in the world. We use our one-on-one education system to increase their expertise in using hair extensions to create lustworthy locks all the while maintaining the health and vibrancy of the clients natural hair.


More education dates are to be announced. Sign up below to be on our waitlist.

April 19th, 2021 - SOLD OUT- Taught By HL Founder Kiara Bailey - Dallas, TX

Cost $2000, Early bird $1500

If you are interested in hosting a Hair Lingerie class in your salon, please email



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