Founded in 2005, Hair Lingerie was created by industry expert Kiara Bailey to address the complications commonly associated with hair extension use.  Challenges with traditional hair extensions include inferior products, time-consuming application processes, and moderate to severe hair damage. Hair Lingerie was designed to specifically address these client concerns, resulting in a product preferred by leading industry professionals for its superior quality, ease of application/removal, comfortable wear, and NON-DAMAGING EFFECT on clients’ natural hair. Your clients will actually experience hair REPAIR when wearing Hair Lingerie, allowing them to have the hair they’ve ALWAYS WANTED and KEEP the hair they have!

Our mission is to develop innovative products and services that meet the needs of our clients while providing a client service and user experience that exceeds expectations. We maintain the highest  levels of quality and excellence by requiring our Specialists to undergo an intensive training and education program before being certified to use Hair Lingerie. Hair Lingerie can ONLY be applied by a trained and certified Hair Lingerie Specialist, ensuring both a stylist and client experience that is unmatched in the industry.

Hair Lingerie is the only extension line in the marketplace designed by a renowned industry expert. Kiara Bailey was frustrated with the inferior products in the marketplace and the damage they caused to her clients’ hair. With over 20 years of experience as a stylist at some of the most prestigious salons and over 15 years experience as an hair extensions expert, Kiara was determined to use her expertise to create an extension alternative  superior in quality and experience to any existing product in the marketplace.  Hair Lingerie is the result of over eight years of research and development.  What makes Hair Lingerie unparalleled in the industry is our commitment to product quality, dynamic user experience, and ethos of sustainability:

  • All Hair Lingerie hair is ethically sourced from a region near Russia known for the quality of their hair. We support the local economy by paying premium dollar for the hair that we select.
  • Hair Lingerie hair is completely natural. We only bleach our hair, but we don’t compromise its integrity by using chemicals or stripping it to achieve a desirable look as many other inferior extension brands do!
  • Hair Lingerie is designed to be SAFE to use on ALL hair. The Hair Lingerie system (effective but gentle adhesive, application process, ventilated lace/polymer design) was developed specifically to maintain and promote the health of your natural hair.
  • Hair Lingerie is completely customizable! Our range of support products and intensive training allow our Specialists to customize the Hair Lingerie experience across a diverse range of hair types or achieve a desired texture in a certain area.
  • Through our advanced education and certification program, we ensure that only highly trained stylists have access to Hair Lingerie, resulting in a client experience that is best in class.
  • We are committed to the  success of our Specialists and provide ongoing business development unheard of in the hair industry. Through our mentorship component we have helped many Specialists build their brand and double their income!


HL Articles

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"The 4 Best Hair Extension Brands, According to Celebrity Hairstylists"
George Papanikolas - Hair Lingerie can be easily customized to blend perfectly with the client's color. The quality of the hair is very soft and silky and stays this way, which allows the client to reuse the hair... read full article.
"Makeover Monday: Added Extensions"
Colorist and extensions expert, and trained Hair Lingerie specialist Kacey Welch shares with us this before and after she recently did on a client using Hair Lingerie Extensions.... read full article.
"A Hair Extension Makeover with Priscilla Valles"
I liked the idea of individuals, but Priscilla wasn’t sure my hair would be strong enough, so she suggested Hair Lingerie tape-ins, because they’re gentle, help with growth, and when done right..... read full article.
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"Kylie Jenner Dyes Hair Gray for Halloween"
Kylie is actually wearing hair extensions bythe high-end line created byin 2005, which is used only in top salons. Kylie’s were custom made by celebrity stylist ..... read full article.
"MANESPIRATION: Kelly Oxford's Extension Makeover by Sarah Conner"
Sarah’s experience with extensions began with her mentor, Kacey Welch. “I worked with her for two years and she taught me how to do the sew-in method. Then one of our girlfriends, Kiara Bailey created this method called Hair Lingerie, ..... read full article.
- mane addicts
"Haven't Heard of Hair Lingerie Yet? You Will!"
The concept of Hair Lingerie came from the demand to have healthy hair as opposed to "extension hair." It was born out of necessity on the sets of many editorial projects and was runway tested for many of fashion's biggest shows ..... read full article.
- marie claire

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